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In the Future, You may Generate Power inside your Blood Vessels

Imagine a hydroelectric power plant inside your blood vessels

Hydropower has been used for thousands of years. But in the future, you may be able to use it generate power inside your body too. Recently, researchers published a paper about the results of an experiment in which power was generated using a nano generator inside a saline solution.

How It Works

Those who know about carbon nanotubes are always awed by their thinness and their strength. But they are also great conductors, and that is crucial for the working of this generator.

The generator is basically a carbon nanotube wrapped around a core. The generator will be placed inside the bloodstream. When the blood passes over the generator,it changes the charge in the outer layer of the nanotube. The difference in charge between the outer and inner layers is what produces power.The first test carried out was in a frog, and it was successful in producing power.

So in essence, this will be a tiny, nano-scale power generator embedded right inside your body.Thousands of these could be installed in blood vessels.If you could find a way to bring that power out of the body, or even to a different place in the body, you could do a lot of things with this power.

How the Power could be Used It could be used for powering devices inside the body

Today, people have to replace their pacemakers when the power runs out. May be we could use this power source to run pacemakers, and other such devices.

This becomes even more useful with the advent of cybernetics. In the future,we will likely have robots inside our bodies. And of course, those robots need power, and this could be the best power. It would be right inside the body, and it would probably be enough for most nanobots and other small things that travel in the bloodstream.

It could be used outside the body

If we figure out a way to generate a meaningful amount of power, and also figure out a way to...

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