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In the Future, You may Generate Power inside your Blood Vessels

get that power outside the body, we could for example, charge our phones with it.

As you can imagine, this is pretty impractical, and there are much easier methods to charge phones. But still, it would be cool if we could keep our phones charged forever.

Another, even more far-fetched idea would be to take the power generated by your blood vessels, and sell it on a "power network". I don't think this is really feasible, because i don't think this thing is going to generate a decent amount of power, but still, if possible, this would be cool.

It could be used to power our bodies

I think this is the coolest possibility. Imagine if we managed to take that power and turn it into ATP? This would mean that you are extracting more power out of the body, with the ability to use that power to do real-world, practical things. That ATP could be used for anything, from running, to powering the brain.

This might be even better for athletes, since they will have that extra source of energy. May be soldiers will use it to survive on lower food intake on the battlefield? That could make armies more efficient, because a lot of military logistics revolves around delivering those calories to the soldiers.

This could even be used to lose weight. Because instead of putting on fat, you get your daily energy from the generator, only in the quantities you need for whatever activity you want to do. Obviously, that would require finer control of the generator system, and also require better predictions of energy demand.

So what are your thoughts on putting hydroelectric power plants inside your arteries?

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