In Pictures: 'Art Park' in Central Zagreb, Croatia + a New Vienna Lager!

5Y Ago
When the heat and SBD price make you sweat the whole day it is a good idea to stretch your legs a bit. A visit to the local park and a new beer review below.

Amazingly, they made a completely new beer for this ‘Art Park’ event! It is an initiative which aims to enliven deserted public spaces. Or at least get it more visitors. In this park very close to the city centre people used to do drugs. It earned a nickname ‘druggy park’. Now there are decorations, lights and truck-load of beer instead. Alcohol is much better than drugs, eh?

Medvedgrad Brewery is always full of surprises. They didn’t experiment much here. It is a crisp Vienna lager with slight citric notes. Very easy to like! Great for lazy sipping in the shade on a public bench.

I didn’t have the chance to pour it in glass so I’m keeping it short! Low alcohol - only 4.8 ABV. I will definitely come back - craft at 15 kuna (2.30$) it is a bargain! You feel cool just holding it, like a real pioneer conquering the new frontiers. Or maybe it’s just me.

Not into the ‘good stuff’. Sit, chill, play table tennis or go for a cocktail! Everything while listening to the resident DJ.

I hope to do a proper beer review tomorrow. I'm so busy lately! Thanks for stopping by!


Camera: Canon SX170 IS

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