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Ideas for promoting liberty (include your own in the comments)

Create podcast/blog targeting your local community announcing news local businesses, little league games, etc. promote it to your local community then when local election come about Interview the local liberty candidates. If it becomes popular it can even be a revenue source by selling ads to local businesses. Volunteer at local charities with your local LP chapter to remind people that LP members are part of the community too Distribute copies of economics in one lesson or the law to the local high school kids, maybe even do a book report contest for the local high school. $500 prize for the best report can incentivize a lot of kids to read and think about what they read. Create a podcast/blog on a niche hobby or interest that discusses the impact of government intervention on that niche. Start a business that targets your local community where a portion of the profits go to improving local issues. Can be a local version of existing businesses marketed with the idea that if local community members patron this business, kids get better education, homeless get fed, etc.
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