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I will give you 2 Steem Dollar just for resteeming and upvoting

I have been on steemit for almost 2 months and I've earned almost $100 and withdrew them. But lately I don't earn so much, that's why I don't care about money and I will give all my earning to random people that upvote and resteem my posts. And I will not stop doing that till I get at least $5 or more from each post I will write. So I have now about $2 on my balance I will give it all to 100 people: $0.02 for each random one who will upvote and resteem this post or one of my new posts from today.

When I send money I will share it in each post I write, with proofs and I will write your logins and advertise them in my next posts.

More I will earn more I will give ! Spread the news and everyone will be happy ☺.

Keep following @Clixmoney for more interesting news about cryptocurrency world.

Youtube channel - Twitter - Instagram - GOLOS - FACEBOOK GROUP -RESTEEM TO BE RESTEEMED

The giveaway continues I still send 0.02 sdb to random people who will upvote and resteem my new posts.

Here is the proof that I sent 1.35 STEEM DOLLAR to random followers

0.05 SBD were sent today to 5 followers :

@mrrifat1 @sallykwitt @kaith @eagle84 because they always upvote and resteem my posts.

and I donated 0.01 SBD to @luigi-tecnologo because he created an amazing tool for doing contests.

Go ahead, upvote and resteem and receive your prize !

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