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I really need your help, I have no where else to go :(

I really need your help, I don't want to ask I hate asking for help but I am stuck, I don't want donation just a vote and hopefully a resteem.


As you know I am disabled and housebound, I can't get out unless I have help and someone to drive me. I have a knee that doesn't work, I have had 9 operations, I have osteoarthritis, Fibromylagia, chronic pain, Diseased cartlidge, nerve damage and Asthma. I have been disabled for over 30 years struggling to everyday things but as I get older its getting harder to do simple things Here is a picture of my disablilty blue badge.


I am having a lot of trouble getting in and out of the bath, my hubby has to help me in and out then I am in so much pain for hours after, we have a shower above the bath but its the same thing having to get over the bath and climb out again, then I have to stand but my knee is weak it won't let me. To save all the pain I now sit on the side of the bath and wash myself down with a flannel then through the day I have to use baby wipes to freshen myself up. My bathroom is really small, bath sink and toilet with a little room to turn around.


I need my bathroom changing, the bath needs removing to be replaced with something like this below:

I would love to be able to get in and out of the shower by myself, be able to shower as much as I want without being in so much pain afterwards. To have some privacy and t actually feel clean again would be amazing, this would make my life so much easier and give me some independence back as I hate having to ask my hubby to help me in and out then hold the shower above my head whilst I try and shower myself.


I am not asking for donations, please do not donate. I have never asked for anything as I hate asking, writing this is making me feel sick as I am putting my life on here. I need votes and resteem then hopefully I ...

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