How To Talk and Get People To Listen

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Do you often feel overlooked when you speak?

You are trying to deliver a message or a speech in a group but no one is paying attention. But if someone else or a particular one speaks up and instantly has the spotlight.

So How to Speak So People Want to Listen?

Most of These tips are from Julian Treasure's TED Talk along with some other sources *which I am gonna credit later*.

A Lot of people are having problems in this area, That's why I decided to write this article where I’ve included the main points below.

To start this off I will give you some tips from my experience, 

1. Raise Your Confidence

The key here is to be confident with what you have to say

If you feel that your ideas aren’t interesting or important, It will critically change the effects your speech. Being low-confident affects your speech tone. Your body language will give you signs you can’t control, but others will subconsciously notice all of them, Therefore it will cause people to discount what you say as unimportant. Believe in your Selves!

2. Eye Contact

Good eye contact is the key to a healthy communication which is required for human connection. When you don’t make proper eye contact others won't feel that “power of speech” from you. 

3. Control Your Voice 

I recently wrote an article about when you should speak fast and when you should speak slow, Our Ability to control our voice is a ''Treasure'' you should work on improving your tone and volume!

With Those Out Of The Way, Its time to get to the main stuff! (This doesn't mean that the stuff I wrote above isn't necessary)

And Now Here's how to Speak And Be Heard

Don't Be a Gossiper – People hate gossipers so eventually, they’ll be gossiping about them.

Don't Judge – Noone is comfortable when they know they are being judged


Take responsibility 

No more Lies!

And finally don't be negative!

Remember This HAIL:

H for Honesty 

A for Authenticity 

I for Integrity

L for Love 


Also Keep These in mind

Register – People link vocal depth with power and influence.

Prosody –Have some variety in your tone of voice.

Speed – Not too fast and not too slow. But DO change the speed at times.

Silence – There’s nothing wrong with a little touch of silence.

Volume – You just need to be loud enough 

It time to be heard and respected isn't it? Sources:   -The TED Talk