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How to secure yourself with 2FA authentication and how to reset google auth on a new phone?

Now that our whole life is on google authenticator, we all remember that first moment when we asked ourselves:

"Eumh... but what happens when I lose my phone?"

Unfortunately for me I never asked this to myself until I lost my phone in a bus right in the middle of nowhere on my way to a beautiful island, Ilha das couves in Brazil.

As I was laying in this paradise all I could think about was hackers taking all my crypto and I can fairly say that i didn't enjoy it as much as I could have.

Of course nobody hacked me (the people around this island don't even know what bitcoin is) and i stressed for nothing. As soon As i got home I contacted all the exchanges asking them to reset my google 2fa. I had to proof to every exchange in different ways that it was me by sending in pictures with notes, looking up ip addresses etc etc.

If I just had done it the right way I could even recover my google auth right there on the beach with my girlfriends phone.

So how to reset your google auth the right way?

There are three ways to reset your google auth:

Contact the exchange / company to manually reset it Make a backup of your private key for every platform/ exchange Make a backup of you google auth itself

The first one is simple but a lot of work, contact support and answer lots of complicated questions.

The second one works well if you only use your google authenticator on one exchange. With a backup of the QR code you can reset the google authenticator on a new phone. If you have a lot of different exchanges however this is not so easy.

The third and easiest way is to make a backup on google authenticator itself.

-> Go to Google authenticator & logg in. -> Set up google authenticator if you haven't done this yet. Also activate it for logging into your google account.

Why? Because from This page you can reset your google authenticator device. So if you can log into y...

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