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How To Generate A One Page Website That Generates Income For Life

I decided one of the main things i want to write about here on steemit and all of my social media sites.. is how to earn money online.

This is one of the most search keywords in google.. and earning a passive income from the internet fucking kicks ass.

Along with this.. i am having a guess here.. but i think many people are here on steemit to make money.. and people into bitcoin are certainly wanting to make money.

So here is one way i earn money online.. free for everyone to copy.

FYI - The reason i am willing to give this business model away for free.. is because its nothing new. There are millions of link lists of all sorts.. google has a link list / directory

I have many of these link lists that generate income.

So here is a very simple way.. you can generate a one page website that generates income for life.

If you don't believe me.. i am in fact making one of these web pages right now - (Still a work in progress)

How to earn bitcoin online is what's called a link list.

Simply put.. it's just a big list of links.

I am testing and collecting all the different sites where you can earn bitcoin and listing them on this site for people to easily access, along with writing tutorials here on steemit about marketing and promoting these bitcoin affiliate programs.

When people sign up to promote these companies and earn bitcoin, i earn a referral commission from that company, although it doesn't affect the customer or the person i refer, this commission is paid from the advertiser direct.

Once this page is created and has traffic on it.. i can actually leave it forever and it will keep making money.

Just pay the bill and domain.. and you can earn massive amounts of money over the long term.

Here is another example of a link list i have.. Free Games List - this one i am half way through because i am still trying to find ...

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