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How to Add Value to Posts with Your Comments [Become a better steemit User]

So you want to get more upvotes on steemit, but you don't have any followers? and no one knows you here?

One of the first things to might try is to make people know you by commenting on them. maybe post links to your comments too so they check them, maybe even offer to exchange upvotes!!

But what you might not know is that If your comment adds no value to their posts, they will ignore you, and worse.. they might FLAG you as a scammer!!

What Are The Comments That Add No Value?

Before I talk about comments that add value, I'll talk about comments that don't.. some of these are:

Comments That are Just "Great Post", "Nice" and "Thanks": while these comments are in fact very good comments and most people will like them, they don't add value and they can easily be faked. if you do these comments once in a while then it's ok!! But if most of your comments are like these then it's a problem. because you might look like someone who just comments without reading the posts!! It's no bad in itself, it's bad because there are easy ways to avoid it (see below). Exchanging Upvotes: you might upvote someone's topic, and comment "please upvote mine". That's a very terrible idea!! because when you are newbie, your vote is meaningless while those who stayed on steem for months have more powerful votes. it's like giving someone One Dollar and saying to them give me Ten Dollars!! Don't ever do that!! Exchanging Follows: is also looked down upon here on steemit, when someone follows many people their feed will become unbearable so most steem users will want to follow as few others as possible. you begging them to follow you won't help you. Copy/Pasted Comments: anyone can (and will) see your comments section (here's mine), if there is the same comment on more than one post, even if that comment is related to them, It is considered Spam. you don't want that happen to you. Comments That are Unrelated to the Post Commented on: even if your comm...
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