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How my city looks after the great storm.

This has not happened in my town since I was born, and that's was happened 36 years ago. In several cities in Romania, the strange storm that seems to have appeared from nowhere has made its presence very clear. Unfortunately, the storm have also taken some human lives, block roofs and houses that have flown in all parts, destroyed muddies, trees taken out of concrete with root, things can be unusual for us. I do not want to go into the details of why this has happened but anyway was a strange phenomenon. My town is Baia Mare, a town surrounded by mountains that I can say protect us from such storms but now it was quite different. I do not like to post such things when i shows how nature is destroyed, but I want to remember what happened on 17 September 2017.

These willows near of the Sasar river have been wrenched with concrete roots. It is amazing how much power this storm has had.

Look at this tree, it was a pleasure to stand in his shadow when you expected someone and was destroyed in a few seconds.

I'm not gonna tell you "I hope you like my pictures" this time because I do not think it's the case and I hope the place where you live will not go through this kind of big storms. I salute all of you. Thank you all!

All images are original content made by @cgame

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