Here Is When You Should Text, Call, Or Talk In Person !

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In a world of technology and social media, there's a little misunderstanding about how to communicate with someone.

How often you ask for a face-to-face conversation rather than sending a text? how often someone misunderstood what you said to him just because you texted him? Even with the best of intentions, misunderstandings are inevitable. Thankfully, you can improve and choose your best communication tool to save yourself and improve your relationships.

One quick rule of thumb: Match the communication method to the level of importance of your conversation and you’ll pick the perfect method every time.

We usually communicate by chatting online, talking on the phone or a face to face meeting and each one of them had different power levels.

Here's a breakdown:

Level 1 conversations=low importance:

usually in these types using only words is fine. Here are some examples:

Texting to let someone know you'll meet him in ten minutes.

Asking someone to do a small favor for you.

Asking for information.

Level 2 conversations=Medium-importance:

For these, you want to use words and tone. Some examples:

When you want to explain that you'll be late.

A change in plan in the last minute.

These accidents are a little bit sensible, so you won't be misunderstood.So Pick up the phone and call.

Level 3 conversations-High importance:

When the conversation is serious, emotional or could disappoint someone, you need as much information as possible: body language, tone, and words.Level 3 communication is used to deliver 

Bad news,

Love confection,

Great news,

Breakup etc... 

When you realize there's a conflict or miscommunication, take it up a level. Let's say you send a quick text and receive a surprising response. Now the level of importance just went up, so pick up the phone and talk to the other person.

A phone call that goes wrong? , just make an appointment and get things right.

Now you are aware of this, so make sure to choose the best option each single time.While a coffee may take some time but it clears a lot of misunderstanding created by a simple text!

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