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Health Care Fallacy Fun! "Universal Healthcare Increases Life Expectancy"

I love lists like these. The fallacy that goes into them just shows how retarded the left is.

All of these countries have significantly less people. 36 mil for Canada, 64 for the U.K. That's your first issue. If you were going to federally run healthcare, how would you do it for hundreds of millions of people without gouging them with taxes or raising the debt ceiling to unfathomable levels? How would you regulate all the healthcare facilities so they operated nfp?

Japan is the only country on the list with a population size that is remotely close to the US (127 mil) So, let's take a look at the wonders of their NHS:

-NHC pays 70%, patient pays 30% (so not completely covered universal healthcare)

-There are 3x as many hospitals per capita in Japan, and even then medical resources are at a shortage and have caused a delay in treatment for emergencies (1)

-14,000 patients have been REJECTED at least THREE times before getting care for emergency services

-And since you guys love virtue signaling, an elderly man in Tokyo was turned away 14 TIMES before finally getting admitted, and then died shortly after because he couldn't receive care. (2)

-Mental healthcare, including counseling, is not a covered service under Japan's NHS (3) and also has the highest rate of suicide (4)

How long someone lives has no correlation to if their healthcare system is privatized or not. But there is an argument that Universal Healthcare causes more problems than it actually fixes.

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