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Got robbed. Kitchen knives, machetes and big rocks involved. Life goes on.

Late Night Thieves on the Permaculture Farm

I hope ya'll excuse me for not quickly continuing with my walk through the cryptoverse along side the Permaculture principles. Some terrifying yet exciting happenings went down on the farm.

First off, I was very blessed to have my mother come from Canada to Guatemala to visit the land we are taking care of. I like to think of it as a bit of a cottage farm setup and I was excited to share the peaceful simple life with my lovely mother. 

This geography of volcanic mountain slopes are challenging for anybody and my mother handled them better than most with the assistance of a fine walking stick I stripped of bark and fashioned comfortably for her. 

The sad reality of such tranquil beauty is that there are some very hard working yet financially poor people living about the village. Sometimes the thought of thieving from better off gringos is too tempting to resist. 

The setting goes as follows: My mother, my wife and I had spent the day in the valley next to ours celebrating the 1 year anniversary of our friends fungi education and community centre called Fungi Academy. It was a fine evening filled with song and dance and cheese and mushrooms. The charm of the fungi people rubbed off on my mother and she was very pleased to see such a special group of friends. 

Now it seems like somebody near the farm is paying attention to when we leave the land for an extended period of time. I think the thieves saw us leaving during the day thought we would not return that night but we did in fact return after sun set. 

Side note: From pictures I've posted before you'll see some very fresh new born kittens. In fact, both two cats that live on the farm gave birth in the last 2 weeks (yes, I know we will get them fixed as soon as they are finished milking). We had been leaving our door open a crack while sleeping at night in order to give the mothers a chance to come in and out so they...

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