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Good Morning ~ Steemit Are Taking Over My Life?

It's Morning Here in Libya.... and yeah, Steemit probably does!!

Last week I I started using steemit seriously, that means writing/posting new content, finding some good articles to comment on, giving the best replies I could think of.... and taking time to learn about the system and the tools I should use. I even joined Discord because of steemit.

It was all good until I thought about it yesterday, Steemit ate all my Gaming time and Facebook time and my Internet balance... I found myself doing something steem related, more than %70 of my waking time for the whole week !!

Except the day I went to beach, it was awesome!!

(I wish I took better picture)

Yesterday I had only %29 voting-power according to so I wanted to take a break from the whole #steemit mania, But I still done steem related things for the whole day again.... Just outside of it!!

But at least if finally started to payoff... I've got +50 new followers... My posts while don't get much attention, they're getting better than expected of a newbie... and finally someone started to buy the Games I sell (she bought 19 Steam Keys in one go!!)... all the good ones are gone so I did some restocking (I'll probably put the new list today or tomorrow).

I don't want to say being on steem this long is bad for me, I love the community and I want to make it better!! I got to know great friendly people!! and as I've said above it finally started to pay off.

But at the same time I want to finish some games as I'm technically on a vacation these days (I haven't completed Disgaea yet and have 3-4 games I want to finish before the summer ends)... So today I'll take that break and try to minimize my steemit time, I have some topics that need editing before posting so I might post those today, but I probably won't search for new content to comment on in the next 20 hours.

Well, enough ranting for now~

Thanks for reading, and hav...

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