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Getting My Tribe on the #Steemtrain! Part 2: "Kenny's Keys for Steemit Success"

While the concept of Steemit is pretty basic; post articles, earn STEEM, there are a ton of little ins & outs that one needs to navigate in order to be successful on the platform. In this post, I'm going to try to run through some of the most important things to remember when starting your Steemit career, and I've also got a collection of links to VERY in-depth guides for those who want to dive deeper.

a note before I begin:

I'm writing this series on Steemit, but I'm writing it for all of my tribe who aren't yet on Steemit, or who dipped a toe in the water, didn't make big money on their first post or two, and never logged into their account again. I'm writing it to help express how powerful an opportunity I feel like this platform is to the many beautiful content creators in my life. I want each of you to expand your audiences, find inspiration & community, and for your art to become a consistent conduit of abundance in your life.

Find the rest of my "Getting my Tribe on the Steemtrain!" series here:

Part 1: What is Steemit, How Does it Work, and Why am I Excited for You to Join Me on Steemit Part 2: "Kenny's Keys for Steemit Success" Part 3: "Kenny's Guide to Writing Your Introduction Post"

My qualifications in writing this

I've been here on Steemit for over a year now, I'm up to 966 followers and 1,118 posts, I've effectively lived off my Steemit income for most of the last year, I've on-boarded more than a dozen content creators, I've had a handful of posts that paid out over $200, I've spent dozens of hours walking people through their first steps on the platform, I've given away hundreds of SteemDollars worth of @randowhale votes through my # payitforward program...

Now, I am nowhere near one of the "big names" on Steemit. There are plenty of creators who break $200 in earnings on EVERY post, day after day; there are plenty of creators with 5x as many followers as I have (or more), not to menti...

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