Friday Night Live - Crypto Podcast/Discussion - Come Join!

steemit.com5y ago
Tonight at 8pm CST, on my YouTube channel, I will be hosting a live crypto currency podcast.

Anyone is free to join in on the conversation on my discord server or you can just chat with us on YouTube. If you just want to listen, there's room for that as well. Our conversation can explore any topic that is blockchain related. Tangle technology is also accepted, for you IOTA fans. ;) Come strapped with questions, ready to learn from others in our community. Last week was my first time trying it out and I was very surprised by the turnout. Let's make this week even better!

Here is my YouTube channel: Clayford08

And here is my Discord server: Clayford08's Crypto_Channel

Here is last week's podcast in case you missed it.

Cheers, @clayford08