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Fragments Decentralized - Earn Crypto on Your Mobile Phone Through Micro-tasks — Steemit

The internet has really changed so many lives since its inception on January 1, 1983 mainly because it has enabled so many people from around the world to do what they love and get paid for it.

It is no secret that Bitcoin and blockchain technology has revolutionized the rate at which the internet is changing lives. This article is intended to shine the light on a new ICO project called Fragments which aims to improve an old and outdated micro-tasking ecosystem.

For those who don't know, micro-tasking was started in 2005 by Amazon's Mechanical Turk (Mturk). The company saw the need to develop a solution that could provide human intelligence required to complete tasks for AI development. Even though the Mturk solution has been used by millions off micro-workers from around the world it still lacks development, especially from external developers.

Fragments is planning on taking advantage of the Mturk flaw by incentivizing developers to create micro-tasking applications on top of their framework. This will allow not only requesters and annotators to benefit from the framework but developers as well. Incentivizing developers will also give the Fragments framework a much needed boost in terms of development thus allowing the system to become transparent and easy to access.

Fragments is planning on developing the first micro-tasking app on their platform. The reasoning behind this is to provide a template for external developers when developing micro-tasking apps on the platform.

Fragments will ultimately be free to use and won't charge any commissions. However, developers can charge a small commission for the public use of their apps. Any commissions earned will be paid out in the form of Fragment tokens (FGT) and will be transferable on exchanges for other crypto-currencies.

Annotators will also earn Fragments tokens (FGT) for completing micro-tasks issued by Requesters thus creating supply and demand opportunitie...

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