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For Those that Say "Military isn't a Social Experiment"

Disclosure: I am active-duty military and have been for 18 years. I could give two shits about your sexuality or who you think you are on the inside. Are you capable? Can you do the job? That's all I care about. Also, don't make me pay for your choices.

Pet Peeve... when people say the military is not a social experiment as some sort of an excuse to exclude others.

This argument was used when people argued for segregated troops, when they argued against women in military and now transgendered people.

It’s not about an experiment it’s about allowing people to join the military if willing and able.

If you can’t serve then you shouldn’t, but that should be decided by generals based on a persons ability not assumed because of something arbitrary.

Now, there is a reasonable discussion of the costs to the military in medical costs, but this is a totally seperate issue than whether anyone should serve if willing and able.

(Whether I want a massive standing army is a separate and distinct issue, whether the government that confiscates much of our income should put arbitrary barriers on who can join is as well)

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