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Fixing Cryptocurrency's Technical Difficulties

My name is Andrew Kamal, and I am the inventor of CrowdCoin. Before I go into what that entails, I want to describe to you some of the current problems cryptocurrency has. Right now, a huge problem is network reliability. Block confirmations are eventually going to either keep getting slower in speed, or have higher network fees while slower server down time. Another huge problem is security. We are still using standard SHA-256 or AES. We as a digitized economy need to start relying more on better encryption such as multi-path layer security or ring signatures.


Another huge problem is the stability of price. We need to create either some sort of standard to measure cryptocurrency against or figure out a way where it is less prune to market vulnerabilities. I believe one of the ways to do that is to create a mathematical standard that can measure against difficult targets, epoch time, and hash type. Predict when the network can solve a difficulty target and value added on with all of these. This would be revolutionary because nobody yet knows when a computer solves a certain problem mathematically, but now we can have a standard.


I believe true cryptocurrency should have a DAO type organization. (Democratically Autonomous Organization). The organization will be responsible for a series of duties including:

Making sure an ICO is legitimate That means that ICOs are given a benchmark test by non-bias organizations that include whitepaper peer review among other things, so that less scams saturate the market Making sure they meet the user's needs The user's needs and desires may not be the same as the developers. Having democratic or stake based contributions on a certain feature can better help meet the demands of a growing market Making sure cryptocurrency benefits humanity Cryptocurrency is a valuable asset and should be treated as such. Using it in a wrong...
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