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Documenting my learning experiments. First post of a series. Let me know what you think!

Hello Steemit,

This is my first post here. The first of many, I hope. I've primarily created a Steemit account to act as an ongoing documentation of my upcoming experiments as well as an accountability measure. But allow me to provide some history first.

I come from a political science and government background, but have also worked in startups which eventually led me to working in banking and finance. However, before I had even started college - where I first got into political science - I had an unsubstantiated theory of what makes the world go round:

Government Business Money

My thought process (kindly note that I was 16/17...) was as follows: we have made a branch of academics of everything we could. If I look at all the academic fields out there, that should give me a decent view of everything there is in the world (so far). If I then take this list and pass it through multiple elimination rounds, I should eventually reach the fields of human activity that the modern world simply would not work without.

To eliminate fields, I only asked myself "Could I envision a society where all activity and knowledge of this field did not exist in any shape or form?". If the answer was yes, I eliminated the field, and was eventually left with the fields that can be grouped under the umbrella of each of the three I've mentioned above.

To the best of my recollection, doing this was very exhausting and time-consuming. But, it did provide me with a new found appreciation for things I found pointless before (I'm sorry, abstract art...) and I ended up learning a lot (thank you, Wikipedia).

In hindsight, this thought process and mental experiment was far too simplistic. I simply did not know what I know now. Today, I can actually think of solid counter-arguments for my earlier conclusion. But, I still think there's something to be said for that trio.

I started college and finished with a political science degree. I ...

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