Dentacoin ICO Review

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Dentacoin ICO Review


Dentacoin is a new platform built on etherium, aiming to improve dental care worldwide. It will make use of decentralized review and rewards platforms. Dentacoin will implement its platform in phases, first creating a large treatment review database, then a habit building mobile app and educational website, dental insurance program, and healthcare database / dental record. Dentacoins (DCN) will be a ERC20 token, providing incentive to patients to self educate, and dentists to follow best practices. The token can be used as currency in the dental world, for treatment, hygiene products, materials, supplemental income, and more. Dentacoin has future plans to partner with UPS, Amazon, and Alibaba. Dentacoin has an extremely large supply of coins (8 trillion), but will only be releasing a small 3% during its first ICO (240 billion coins). This equates to 0.00011723 USD per DCN, and a 28 million ICO market cap. DCN has already had a pre-sale with 3.3x market price appreciation since. Dentacoin has a large team, and delegates each project. It has many contributors worldwide. The core founding team has a little experience in the dental industry. A single member of the team claims blockchain experience (8 years, early adoption). None of the team are heavy linkedin users and previous experience was difficult to verify. Dentacoin has a working protoype of their first phase (the reviews platform). However, the more disruptive, revolutionary technology they plan to pioneer (phases III and IV), have yet to be built. FULL REVIEW:

Dentacoin is a platform for the dental industry, planning to use etherium smart contracts to improve the quality of dental care worldwide. It will make use of decentralized review and bidirectional reward platforms, rewarding both patients and dental providers for using them, in Dentacoin tokens (DCN).

The tools are to be built in four phases, one for each sector of the dental industry:

Phase I: The creation of a huge, global dental treatment review database. Patients will have their voice heard, while providers will be given valuable feedback and data. Market research surveys will also be conducted. Developers are currently working on the frontend, the address database, and the smart contract. The database will feature immutable reviews on the blockchain, and permanent storage, with each review rewarded in Dentacoin tokens (DCN). Dentacoin will also distinguish standard reviews (written by anyone) vs. trusted reviews (verified as written by actual patients). Trusted reviews will be marked as such when they are accessed through a link sent from the clinic after the appointment, and rewarded with more DCN then standard reviews. The patient can also choose to have the review anonymous, or their name tied to it.

Phase II: The Aftercare mobile app, which aims to help users form lasting dental care habits, implemented through notifications and reminders with the app. Educational Website aiming to educate through entertainment. It will have educational, interactive blocks (articles, video tutorials, pictures) coupled with multiple choice questions. Correct answers are rewarded with Dentacoin.

Phase III: Dental Insurance Concept. Unique dental insurance smart contract between patients and dentists. Patients maintain oral hygiene by following the mobile app guidelines, while dentists perform their job meeting patient satisfaction and quality. Both parties will be rewarded in DCN for meeting the requirements. It is not outlined in the whitepaper if the dentist’s part of the contract will be verified through the review platform, or through another method. All of the individual smartcontracts will form part of a “super smart contract”, which insures the patient is covered in the case of insolvency or death of the dentist. More specific details about this are not outlined in Dentacoin’s whitepaper.

Phase IV: Decentralized, Blockchain-powered Healthcare Database, to solve the industry problem of creating secure, interconnected data and medical records. Unfortunately, few details are available as to specifically how Dentacoin will apply this technology in the current dental industry, what challenges and regulations they might face, and how they will overcome them.

A unique aspect of Dentacoin is the use of a democratic foundation to govern decisions and directions. Many (>120) people have contributed to the development of this platform, and in fact all token holders are entitled to vote on financial decisions and give advice to the Dentacoin management team, through the foundation.

The Dentacoin Foundation also has a unique buyback plan to indirectly increase Dentacoin value. Once per year, they will use 50% of the previous year’s profits to buy back DCN. The Dentacoin foundation has already purchased a real existing dental clinic, the Dentaprime International Plc. London. This was purchased entirely in DCN, for a valuation of 90 million USD.

Dentacoin hopes to have a 0.10% market share within 5 years, and a 10% market share within 25 years, of both patient population, and dentists. They use this figure to calculate the fundamental value of the DCN to be $0.00452 USD.

Purpose of coin:

Dentacoin will provide incentives to patients and providers, to self-educate and follow hygiene best practices, and to provide reviews of their providers which will in turn hold them accountable. Dentacoin’s hope is that DCN will be an industrial currency for dentistry worldwide. Dentacoins will be used by patients to purchase medications, dental protection, oral care items, and more. Dentacoins will be used by dental specialists and providers to purchase dental materials and hardware, supplement income, marketing / promotional costs, etc. The Whitepaper outlines Dentacoin’s plan to build up this trading and value infrastructure for DCN by partnering with dentists and suppliers in cooperation with UPS, Amazon, and Alibaba.

ICO details:

Dentacoins (DCN) will cost $0.00011723 USD per coin. A total of 240,000,000,000 DCN tokens are available for sale during the ICO (3%). Dentacoin is creating a total of 8,000,000,000,000 DCN (8 trillion) tokens. 76% of all the coins are locked in contracts and will be released gradually from 2018 to 2042.

ICO Market Cap

DCN for this ICO will be priced at 0.00011723 USD /DCN. If 240,000,000,000 are being sold at ICO, the total ICO market cap of DCN will be $28 million. For comparison, adjusting the ICO market caps from the top 16 best performing ICOs of all-time for current crypto market cap inflation, Augur (REP) had the highest market cap, at $147 million and to date has had a 37x return.

ICO Market Cap Percentage vs. Overall Cryptocurrency Market Cap

Dentacoin’s ICO market cap will only make up 0.02% of the entire crypto market cap, which to date is valued at $144 billion according to This is within a safe range, based on previous highly funded ICOs such as Augur and Filecoin.

Market Cap After ICO, and Success of Previous Pre-Sale

The current circulating supply of Dentacoin is 16,177,500,000 DCN. After ICO, the supply will be as high as 256,177,500,000 DCN. The current trading price of DCN is $0.000168, which, if used as an approximation, will put the market cap post-ICO at 43 million. DCN’s previous presale was priced at 0.00003521 USD / DCN. To date, the DCN has appreciated 3.3x from that price. …


Dentacoin has a large, delegated team, including people from all over the world. Since 2014, Dentacoin claims approximately 120 people have been involved in various aspects.

Notable founders and developers:

Phillipp Grenzebach – Co-Founder, Business Developer One of the co-founding brothers of Dentacoin. Very little information available, other than that he studies in Law, Economics, and Business Management.

Jeremias Grenzeback – Co-Founder, Core Developer Early to the blockchain space. 8 years experience. Contributer to etherium, waves, zcash, uport, status, imtoken, ByteballCould not verify these contributions. . No LinkedIn but GitHub is public here:

Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev – Founder of Dentacoin Foundation Respected university lecturer with more than 27 years of experience in financial markets. Member of IEEE computational intelligence society. Has a PhD. in Automated systems for information processing and management. MSc. Engineering in Industrial Management. More information on his career and background found here, here, here, and here.

Sergey Ushakov – Front end and Solidity developer, Digital Transformation Specialist Degree in Robotics and Mechanics. Also works for SWISS Dentaprime, a dental clinic that is piloting the dentacoin technology. Not much other history listed on his LinkedIn profile

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