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Curation Reward Problems

Do you ever just mindlessly upvote people you think will get more upvotes to increase curation rewards? I do, but I think this needs to stop.

A Steemit vote is a powerful thing, no matter how much steem power you have (obviously the greater the better) and I see many of my friends with myself included just wasting votes on anything that's new and published by a popular person thus maximising our curation rewards. As I've said, this needs to stop.

I personally feel it is harder and harder for new users to attract the attention they need to get started as votes are simply going to people already well established in the community. I see quality content on the "new" section from new users that receive one upvote; themselves. As a new user trying to amass as much influence as quickly as possible, I simply choose not to upvote these people as I know my vote won't be much value to myself and I know many out there do the same.


Increase the rewards that curators get for upvoting people with a certain amount of rep level (let's say 50). For example, imagine you are the first voter. Your curation rewards is x If the post you upvoted gets more than 10 votes, the first 5 upvoters' rewards are multiplied by (2-(steemrep/50)) If someone is brand new and has a rep of 25, the first 5 upvoters will receive 1.5x curation rewards. There can be more thresholds like at 25 upvotes, the first 10 upvoters receive an additional (2-(steemrep/50))

This will make it more rewarding for curators to upvote new members thus promoting new content into our ever-growing community.

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