☠️ CSGO Parlay Contest for 9/15 | 0.378 SBD Guaranteed Jackpot! ☠️ — Steemit

steemit.com5y ago

Welcome to the #CSGO Parlay Contest for 9/15!

If you've been participating in the Daily Pick'em contests, today's contest is a little different, so please read the rules carefully.

Contest Rules Every contestant gets one entry Picks must be entered by 7:55am PST on 9/15 Contestants must pick a team to win. The winning entry must get all 6 picks right. Example: SK, FaZe, Cloud9, Liquid, fnatic, Immortals Contestants must UPVOTE to play Winner gets 100% of this post's SBD + 0.378 SBD from the jackpot for the last Parlay. In the event of a tie- or if no winner- the pot will be rolled over into the next Parlay Contest. Entries edited after the deadline will be disqualified CSGO Matchups for 9/15 SK v. Envyus FaZe v. Virtus.Pro Cloud9 v. Natus Vincere Astralis v. Liquid North v. fnatic mousesports v. Immortals

This is the second CSGO Parlay Contest- if you have any questions, corrections, concerns, please comment below. Resteem appreciated.

Good luck! @tylersr