Crypto-Anarchists Discord server is welcoming new members!

5Y Ago
Hi everyone! You are still welcome to join the Crypto-Anarchists Discord server.

Crypto-Anarchists first started out as a Facebook group, but we are also on Discord now. The server is still small and in development, but any freedom lovers who are also interested in cryptocurrencies are already welcome to join. Currently there are some 20 people on the Discord server.

Mission statement:

Crypto-Anarchists is a group focused on financial and human independence. We reject the institution of government and its' mandated fiat currency. This group is focused on providing a community for anarchists and crypto-investors to spread knowledge about the topics.

So, it doesn't matter if you're completely new to crypto or a veteran. Anyone is allowed to join as long as you're interested in anarchy and cryptocurrencies.

Join today by clicking this invitation link: I hope to see you there!