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Crowdfunding Campaign for Our Weekly Fruits Program || Part 3 || — Steemit

Thank you all steamians!! Last week lots of you supported our weekly fruits program campaign and many of you individually created posts to support us. We wish to develop a fund for kids and we will be so happy to get any suggestions from you how we can do this. Please share your idea by comment and upvote us.

You also can support us by making post and using oringinal link of our crowdfunding post, images (Ask me for unique image), information and trasnfering reward made by the post to @schoolforsdg4 .

It is not a program for one day, We need to help these kids always from every corner of the world. Suborna only knows this poster is for them who helped them. Can you follow us? 

Today 27.07.2017, we organized weekly fruit progarm and this week we brought Baccaurea ramiflora (Burmese grape), It is specially grow in Asia, more specifically in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia. Last week when I brought Apple after the campaign ||2 || , They wanted to eat Lot-kon(লটকন), Bhubhi(ভূভী), the Bangla name of Baccaurea ramiflora (Burmese grape).

Kids are ready to to eat fruits

Kids washing their hands before eating

Tamim takes Lotkon Fruits

Airin Helps Suborna to eat Fruits

Fahim, Srity and Murad are enjoying yummy Lotkon

Everyone takes fruits at home after the class

Watch our full program video

kids and me @azizbd

Please let me know if you are willing to support kids by your own written articles and let us know on comment or direct message

We are so happy to receive a donation of 50 STEEM from @r2cornell and the amount is in process of withdrawal

Anyone if wish to donate BTC to our new BTC wallet: 1FsnKLLfwRAZV19yRKLFTaRKKAUnVykunB

Please use memo with description and let us know your donation purpose

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