Crazy things are going to happen in GISHWHES 2017 - And I'm in it!

5Y Ago
I entered GISHWHES 2017! Yay! I'm in as individual, which means that I'm in some World Team, or something like that, instead of being in a pre-build team playing to win. I play for fun, of course.

Ok, wait. Perhaps you are asking what the hell GISHWHES is. Right. Fair. GISHWHES is a social game that make some good around the world supporting people, no-profit campaings, things. For example, this year GISHWHES funds are mostly for saving forests and animals living there. Misha can explain is better: 

Misha is Misha Collins, the amazing actor (and person, in my humble opinion) that created GISHWHES 6 years ago and manages it. You may have seen Misha as Castiel in "Supernatural"

(This is my portrait of Castiel. Fan Art, you know.)

If you browse Misha's Twitter and Youtube you can see how funny, in a smart way, he is.

Anyway, GISHWHES is a Scavenger Hunt. "The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen". Misha said that the acronym, GISHWHES, is "the ugliest acronym the world has ever seen". ;) Ok, you can find plenty of news about GISHWHES by yourselves.

I knew about GISHWHES when the actor William Shatner joined it.  I've never joined before, but I followed the past editions and loved it. People who join GISHWHES are funny, crazy and fine-hearted - or it seems to me. And that's enough, for an old, sketpic and disillusioned man like me. ;) Being good persons and looking for fun is a good point of life. ;)

I tried to create myself a little scavenger hunt for Steemians, some weeks ago. It didn't work. Puzzles were too hard, apparently (and prizes too little, perhaps). I'm going to try it again soon. GISHWHES 2017 will start on August 5.  I'll update you about the crazy thing that will be performed.