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Comment on this guy's post with your ideas to improve Steemit

Hi again everyone! I am keeping my word to keep the series going!

I would like you to comment with your visual aids or written ideas of what you think Steemit can use to improve the Community for features and why.

Comments sections here are GOLD as we know, some great TIL learning and tips usually pop up too here.

Part of the reason I do this series and share other things / series I do, is for the TON of new people coming to Crypto and Steemit daily, I mention this daily in a post or comment somewhere.

They need help and resources. They feel lost when they are Steemit / Crypto noobs. I know I did.

It's now several weeks or so after the latest big changes, the latest Hard Fork (HF) / the Steem Powering downs latest rounds, with some large power downs recently, many of those cashouts done and seeing some stabilizations, some bugs fixed and the latest hard Fork about a week ago!

The rewards pool is seeing a lot of changes again.......views and engagement still seem to be down and that is why I try to do so many posts / series to BOOST engagement.

It's OK to gather new ideas but if the same issues pop up, that is great too, because it will send the message that something is more important to the developers and Steemit Elders. My goal is again - use this blog post as a resource to help the dev's and the community members. I can combine them into one post later on if needed to help developers or members.

It is easily searchable also -- as I use the same key phrases / words etc. in the title to keep it searchable - more easily.

I was trying to pick good tags...... I decided to use the TIL tag -- hoping someone either looking FOR help on learning something -- or someone looking TO help on these things would comment! I thought about that one for a couple mins.

If you want to tag people or share it so others can comment and contribute also, that is great. I have my own ...

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