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Neoliberalism is a rebirth of a 18th century type of political ideology Mercantilism in which privatization, fiscal austerity, deregulation, and unrestricted free trade dominate government objectives. Government spending is high to increase government role inside the private sector. Most think this is the same thing as Liberalism, but sadly it’s far more closely related to free market capitalism and libertarianism, and this is why so many get confused by it. In this form of free economic, low regulation, and high privatization it rewards the top with the rewards and supposedly trickles down to everyone else(Never Proven). It creates a system of classes where it's either the top, or the majority, than the bottom. Since the 1980’s a more radical form of laissez-faire capitalist ideals took over, this is also when we see the massive gaps and problems begin. Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama were neoliberals, not much has changed over the past 37 years in policy terms, but rhetoric was the only real difference between Republican or Democrat.

Adam Smith, the father of the free market economic theory, the basis for our neoliberal ideology. Smith was an absolute genius when it came to economics, but he did create the roadmap for free market theory, he also coined the term Mercantilism. It is a form of capitalism, but was mostly used in the 16th to the 19th century, during colonial days. It had imperialistic and nationalistic tendencies to it, and promoted governmental regulation to help it with augmenting state powers of others. It aimed at trading finished goods, and colonial expansion to garner the raw resources, which usually ended with bloodshed. Mercantilist policy also included a wide range of policies that we still see today, embargoes on nations, monopolizing markets, navigation acts, subsidies for companies, wage competition. It is beneficial to the powers at bay, on the backs of the rest of the civilization.

Neoliberalism is a rebirth o...

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