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Breaking: New Research Indicates That Water Is Indeed Wet

So today we are going to discuss an article published just today in the European Journal of Hydrology titled "The Sensation of Dihydrogen Monoxide On Epidermal Medium Spiney Neurons." In this article the authors were studying why water is wet!

and the results may surprise you to find out that this is not at all what this article is going to be discussing (also that the European Journal of Hydrology isn't real, damn fake journals). Rather this introduction, and the non relevant title were inspired by a conversation between myself and @trumpman in the steemSTEM chat on There is more info on the @steemstem project at the end of this post. You should really consider joining us!

The Mechanism Of Action Of Ribavirin Combating The Lassa Virus

Ahem! The article we are actually going to discuss today is was recently published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports and is titled "Determining Ribavirin’s mechanism of action against Lassa virus infection." In this article the authors were studying exactly what the title describes, the way that the drug Ribavirin functions to inhibit the growth of a virus called the Lassa Virus. Lets dig in!

What's The Lassa Virus?

I don't imagine many of you are hemorrhagic fever aficionados (do those exist? wait.. no, never mind don't tell me). So for those of you that aren't (hopefully all of you), the Lassa virus is a small arena virus which is the root cause of a hemorrhagic fever ( you know, the diseases that make you bleed out of your orifices...). It is found typically in western africa and infects upwards of 200,000 people per year resulting in up to 5000 deaths. [2]. The only treatment for this virus is the drug Ribavirin, which according to the authors needs to be given to people with in the first six days after symptoms (which include bleeding, cough, stomach ache, vomiting, etc) present themselves it won't work.[3]

What is Ribavirin?

Ribavirin is what is kno...

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