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Blood donation can save a life : Today I saved two lives by donating my blood — Steemit

Blood is one of the most important components in the human body. A drop of blood can be meaningful to those in need.

The benefits of blood donation are not only for the recipients but also the donors themselves. Especially when donating blood regularly and periodically.  

By doing a blood donor, the donor will give a little blood from their body to be used to help others.

Approximately 200 ml - 450 ml of blood is taken from the body when doing blood donation. ''For patients in need, getting blood donors can save their lives". Several conditions require blood donation, such as Childbirth, Surgery, Organ transplants or Fatal accident.

The International community recently celebrated World Blood Donor Day on June 14. Not only does it recognize the blood donors as generous heroes, but the day also signals firm public awareness in the importance of voluntary and regular blood donations.

Short story, Today I feel blessed that I can save two lives by donating one bag of my blood. A couple of days back, a family from my village was searching for AB negative blood for few days but couldn't found it until they find that I have that type of blood. Today, When I was sleeping in the morning, my elder brother came and waked me up and said: " Aziz, aziz wake up, a woman need an emergency AB negative blood. She is at the hospital and suffering from pregnancy." 

As soon as I heard about it, I wake up and making contact with the family relatives of the patient. And then one of their relatives came to my house to take me with him to the hospital. I took an egg for breakfast and prepared myself for it.

We then arrived at the hospital and met the patient who needs an emergency surgery operation. We quickly went to Crescent Blood Center for my blood test and then transferred my blood into a bag. Later we came back to the hospital while the doctor in the hospital was preparing her for the operation. The AB negative is ...

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