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Bitcoin FUDcoins are the latest form of cryptocurrency terrorism! Ignore BTC community bad actors

There are BAD ACTORS in the Bitcoin community that want to cause as much fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) as possible for their own personal (sometimes sociopathic) reasons. Trying to figure out why they are doing it or trying to make up some nice reason behind it is a waste of time. Giving them attention is what they want. Jimmy Song has unwittingly given these people hundreds of thousands of dollars of free advertising and is playing right into their hands almost every time he writes or speaks about certain issues. Bottom line- Ignore unfriendly forked Altcoins (there are MANY Altcoins out there that steal the BTC name, they are NOTHING but one of the 800 random Altcoins outs there), try not to interact with them in terms of giving your BTC away for them because SHORT TERM greed will burn you for the long term. Ansel Lindner makes a surprise appearance on the show!

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