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Beer Tasting - Porter ('Zagovor Uteha' by Kabinet Brewery)

Free BTC SegWit2x hard fork coins or staying in alts? Many people wonder… Personally, I’d rather buy the dip in the alts. My issue is that alts are dipping too soon. Will it plunge more? I’d prefer just plunging into my beer.

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My reasoning is everyone will want to go into BTC because they learned their lesson from the last Bitcoin Cash hardfork. That leaves Smaug’s treasure in form of alts unguarded. Let’s be burglars and whoosh it away! All about the timing really. Not to mention there will be another fork in November. A real clusterfuck.

Back to my favourite place - Fakin Pub. The barman really likes me already and he even gave me some of this home-brewed stout to try. What a swell guy. There will be beer events that I’ll be more than happy to cover. Steemit brings me friends here and in the real life!

While I’m at the subject of friends, I’ve noticed your comments lately. You really put a lot of effort to make meaningful contributions and you are genuinely interested in what I wrote. That brings a smile to my beer addled face and I appreciate it.

If I don’t answer you I’m just busy staring at charts. I’ll try not to be a jerk and at least upvote it, I read it all, don’t worry. However, no pressure to write something, I don’t have favourites.

My gang was hard at task of figuring out how to rent an apartment. Unusually low number of vacancies. And you can’t make noise, drink or take drugs because neighbours mind, but on the other hand horrid rent figures. Go figure.

Beer cooled us down. We found consolation (Serbian ‘uteha’) in this brew. Beer menu 10/10/2017 Photo-shoot

Yellow lights inside are killing my photos.

Zagovor Uteha by Kabinet Brewery StylePorter CountryDeptford, England Alcohol6.7% -------------- AppearanceBlack. Brownish thick head. Interesting surface pattern AromaIntense honey. Some plum. Licorice. No hops. TasteMedium swee...
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