Beer Tasting - India Pale Ale ('Juicy IPA' by Pivovarna Hopsbrew)

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What’s with BTC now? What news did I miss? I’m worried for my alts, especially ETH! Sell or hold? I’ll decide after I review the newest addition to my beer family!

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Off the work I go and there he is. The ubiquitous horseman on the main square.

What a sunny day, he says. Why not go and spend it in the local tavern? Soak up some of that sunshine!

It’s just a shack away so I listened. Excuses, I’ll take any really.

Getting through the rabble was never a chore if beer is waiting and there I was. Happy ads greeted me. I already tried Marina Costa Brava, Christian Bale Ale and Novi Val. Check out my previous reviews.

Today a neighbouring brew! Did you know that Slovenians border with Croatia? Friendly little country! I just visited Maribor city a few days ago! You can read all about it!

I got a taste of Hopsbrew 5 O’Clock IPA! A lovely barmaid was bored so she was up for discussion! Cool girl, say hi! Not a bad brew, citrusy lager, big head. Tasty.

Daily menu Photo-shoot Juicy IPA by Pivovarna Hopsbrew StyleIndia Pale Ale CountryDomžale, Slovenia Alcohol6.5% -------------- AppearanceDeep gold. Weak head. Dissipating. Bubbly. Slightly hazy. Less than at RateBeer. AromaFlowery hops. Citrus underneath. Something sharp. Lime? Peach as well. TasteLow sweet. Low bitter. Neutral hoppy taste. Herbaceous. PalateSilky even creamy feel! Low carbonation. Woody and moldy aftertaste but balanced and tasty. -------------- OverallA darn good brew by my neighbours. I wish I run into them before. A good treat for those nights when you look for a bit of extra kick in the head. I'd have it again, no flaws I noticed. Score (subjective)16/20

Price: 12 kuna (1.90$) for 0.15 ml. On tap at a pub. Mid-range to Splurge.

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