Beer Tasting - Imperial Porter ('Amager Rugporter' by Amager Bryghus)

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Flash crash it seems! I set my buy 70 dollars too low. I hope you had better luck! What is your weekend strategy? Any alts? Any beer? I’ll sure have some!

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One hand checking the coinmarketcap and another Both are dear to me and provide life saving info! I stopped by Fakin Craft Pub! They said Danish, I said Yes!

Do you know what hops are? Funny little nuggets! They give out that herbal aroma, probably easiest to notice in IPAs. @rocksg asked the other day why it’s called India. Anyone care to explain?

I am very lucky that I live in a city which has pubs which rotate kegs weekly! I just talked with @jarendesta, beer lover mate, and he has to prepare in advance. He is looking for something to review, maybe give him some suggestions!

Daily Menu - 15/09/2017 Photo-shoot Amager Rugporter by Amager Bryghus StyleImperial Porter CountryKastrup, Denmark Alcohol8.5% -------------- AppearanceBlack with reddish shine on edges. A layer of dense brownish head. AromaDried plum compote. Some cherry. Heavy malts in a healthy way. Some toffee. TasteMan this is tasty! Sweet. Licorice. Dark chocolate. Thick milky creamy feel as well. Malts are amazingly wrapped in sweetness. Layered! PalateLow carbonation. Creamy feel. Tingly, probably due to high alcohol. It even warms a bit in the aftertaste. Very pleasant. -------------- OverallIf you are into heavier and malty beers this is for you! If you like pilsners it's another story. In that case, this might not even feel as beer to you. Chosen for a reason. It is simply outstanding! Score (subjective)19/20

Price: 9 kuna (1.45$) for 0.1 ml tester. On tap at a pub. Splurge.

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