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Beer Tasting Challenge & Competition - A Call To Arms!

All SBDs collected with this post will be sent to the winners of that week’s contest! No joke! Do you like beer? Drink and earn at the same time! Why would you compete? Find new friends! - Steemit is competitive and beer lovers are some of the friendliest bunch around! You would drink anyway - admit it! Three photos and an excuse is all the extra effort you have to put together to earn as well! @detlev and @buzzbeergeek frequent the tag with upvotes - more visibility for your post! What else? Tell me and I’ll add it! Who is responsible for this challenge?

@detlev is your man. He is putting his time and effort into following and maintaining the whole setup!

There are others who support it by spreading the good news around the comments and chats. Some who can afford it like @meesterboom, @lichblick and @buzzbeergeek sent some extra SBDs in the past to cover the pot.

A very special thank you goes to the big SP holders who grace each contest post with their upvote. Just look up their names in the post itself and thank them with an upvote of yours! The list is just going to get bigger soon!

How to compete? Simple!

1 Post a story about the beer you tasted and include at least 3 pictures!

2 Use the tag #BeerSaturday - BUT! You can post or drink your beer any day of the week!

3 Copy the link of your post into a comment to the current and ongoing #BeerSaturday challenge post - find it in @detlev’s blog

4 You get better chances of winning if you follow the additional rules in #BeerSaturday challenge post

Previous winners!

Right now @buzzbeergeek's posts are using the tag but are not eligible to win until further notice! I am not your competition!

So, follow @detlev and engage!

It is in it's last day so look for updates soon!

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