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Beer Tasting - American Pale Ale ('Villages Rodeo' by Villages Brewery)

Russia to censor Bitcoin exchanges? Or is it that someone had enough of BTC upward trend? I’m not keen on conspiracy theories but with what I’ve learned in crypto space the last 6 months, I wouldn’t be surprised. I learned a lot about beer, too…

Here is one article on the subject that I found:

In other crypto - BTC dominance on the rise, meaning alts will get pummeled. Keep tight stops if you are buying. Everyone seems edgy.

Back to the Dreamworld! Craft Pub soothes the crypto anxiety. Find your own place of respite and indulge yourself. You’ll think clearer when the time comes!

New brewery I never had the opportunity to taste before. Actually, I rarely have British beer so I’m glad this one is based in the UK.

Varionica Brewery van just parked in front, who knows what goodies it carried…

Beer menu 10/10/2017 Photo-shoot Villages Rodeo by Villages Brewery StyleAmerican Pale Ale CountryDeptford, England Alcohol4.6% -------------- AppearanceDeep golden. Clear. Snow like head. Fluffy. AromaExtreme perfume. Roses. 🌹 caramelly malt below that. Hints of citrus. TasteTart. Low bitter. Low sweet. Kind of short living taste. Ends dry quickly. Interesting how no two craft beer is alike. PalateLow carbonation that stings a bit. After the initial kick, very neutral. Medium to light body. -------------- OverallI'm divided on this one. Amazing in its simplicity. Good to try, doubtful id buy it. Can't find a flaw but nothing that makes it special. Score (subjective)15/20

Price: 12 kuna (1.9$) for 0.15 ml. Pub on tap. Splurge.

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Decent. Please drink with style and responsibility! Camera: Cell phone - Moto G4 Plus 16MP Buy BTC with Coinbase. Don’t want to spend money and you don’t like writing posts? How about a daily FREE sports ...
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