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Are We Living in a Rick and Morty Like Simulation?

sorry dude, that was kind of my point. It's a very first world existential problem.. oh are we just a simulation.. perhaps we are but my point is, if you are asking the question, you are just invoking a creationism which to me is just plainly old fashioned thinking. I'm sure the truth of how we got here and why is much simpler, far more majestic and part of a greater scheme of nature. Arse of a question was the wrong frame.. indulgent western thinking in the face of environmental degradation and wanton consumerism is maybe more apt. If we are living in simulation, no worries. I know there are deep ripples in quantum theory which resemble coding protocols.. At the end of Carl Sagan's Contact, the aliens give humans a riddle.. deep in PI there is a pictogram, a hallmark hidden deep in maths, suggesting it was's an old idea and I'm sure we'll come up with more exotic ones as our understanding of knowledge expands. It's hilarious to me that before computers & graphics cards were invented, this wasn't really a subject ! I am interested though. hey perhaps our entire universe is just the brain of a really big slug somewhere in a hypergarden on the outskirts of district 42

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