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Anyone interested in a contest? Sign up!

We have our first winner! For the poem;

It always ends up like this. A warm sunny evening, a smoke and a smile, I can't resist the music. I begin to sway as you continue to play and I can't resist the music. Under the table, your boots tap the beat And I try to suppress the rising heat but Oh God those lips and those finger tips And well....I can't resist the music.

By @callme-pep who will recieve 0.5 SBD!

Second place goes to @julienbh who will recieve 0.25SBD!

And third place goes to @svashta who will recieve 0.125 SBD!

Contest#2 Write me a song! The winner will recieve a small reward for now 0.5 SBD, but the reward pool will grow with time!

Rules; upvote and resteem this post! The theme of the song must be connected with this picture! Post in comments.

The contest ends in 48 hours. Ziga.

Proof of payment.

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