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Another Scavenger Hunt - Trip in Italy - Play it and win 10 SBD (or maybe more)

Here is another Scavenger Hunt for Steemians!

Solve the 6 puzzles before the other gamers and win 10 SBD (Maybe more, if there will be sponsors ;) )

This 2nd Scavenger Hunt (the first was too hard to solve and no one won it) is just an experiment: it is short and easy.

But the first one who will solve it will win 10 SBD anyway :)

It is a travel across some italian cities. Italian Steemians have perhaps a little advantage, but really really little!

So Let's Start!

As starting point, you have to go here, in Piazza della Signoria in Florence, and follow the perimeter of the square to West until you'll find the name of another famous italian city in a sign over a shop.

That name is the password to open this document containing the 2nd step. And so on.

Good luck!

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