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Announcement of the winners for the first Science Fair on Steemit [rewards over 120 SBD +175 SP]

Hello Steemians!!

It has been more than a month since the initial post announcing the first Science Fair ever to be held on Steemit, organized by SteemSTEM. We thank all the members of the SteemSTEM management team for supporting of the event, from the donation of the Steem Power rewards, and for being the judges for the event!

And now the time has come for the announcement of the winners!! But before that let us first introduce all of those who participated in the project:

@mcw and his project of turning an old web cam into a radiation detector, using house hold items for the radioactive source material and a smart phone app for radioactive detection. Post @jeffreytong and his project about an electricity generator with the help of Fleming’s Right Hand Rules, using ordinary house hold items. Post @trumpman and his project on air, experimentally proving whether air has mass, whether air takes up space and other properties of air using common house hold items. Post @lamouthe and her son Zachary on their project about crystallization of sugar to make Rock Candy and the principles behind the candy formation. Post @carinewhy and her project on the backgrounds and chemical properties of polystyrene, and its application as a crafting material Post @ruth-girl and her project on the demonstration of Newton’s Third Law with the help of her dedicated team of trolls, using common house hold items. Post

Participation in this first iteration of the science fair was not as large as we would have liked, however it seems that everyone who joined had a great time preparing for it! This is the true intention of a Science Fair, to demonstrate that you don't need to have a fancy degree or even fancy materials to do fun and interesting science projects.

And here now for the winners:

The 1st place with 38.7 SBD + 100 SP (from SteemSTEM) goes to @mcw

The 2nd place with 25.8 SBD + 50 SP (from SteemSTEM) goes...

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