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AIOS(All In One Social) is a computerized money that will be used as a touch of and out of AIOS, a protected and private decentralized social alliance and get-together building stage with interweaved business put for brands or things and what's more for the affiliations that people offer inside the party. 

At AIOS, they mean to fill this void through exactly developing a self repaying social stage, where anybody can select forever. By giving distinctive standard cutoff indicates into the one simple use plan, AIOS can be a one-stop-look for the entire modernized cash industry. The stage besides unites a crucial social UI that will be suited by a significant formed business center that uses its near to coin, AIOS. 

What are AIOS coins? 

AIOS are the coins to be the adjoining advanced cash coin/token for AIOS mastermind. AIOS coins will be utilized all through the combined business center to purchase or offer things and attempts. 

AIOS will in like way be used inside the consolidated progress organize. Impressions, offers and snaps will be exchanged for AIOS. These warning will be appeared inside the customer's news brace, amidst accounts. The dealt with advancement stage will empower little part attempts and will be amazingly sensible impelling methodology than various decisions open in the market. 

Coin Distribution:

Just 43.75% of all coins are accessible for buy amid the ICO. A 

most extreme of 1.25% of the aggregate supply of coins will be given to advance the item by means of abundance programs. The group will be holding 5% of the aggregate market top to be compensated to their representatives. The staying half will be as a compensate pool for the AIOS - Social stage. Reward pool will boost the commitment of clients. 

Now let's khow something about AIOS.

AIOS is an accommodating get-together in context of present day developments that also entwines fundam...

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