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AIO (All In One) is an Ethereum base ERC20 token made by Aaress Fintech Inc. enlisted consolidation setup in worldwide monetary capital Hong Kong, a Company keep running by proficient store administrators and Crypto money specialists. They at Aaress Fintech Inc. are in procedure of propelling an ideal answer for all cryptographic money speculators and clients who are presently putting resources into new advanced resources, without knowing the correct future development of that specific resource. 

As of late best exchanged digital currencies esteem have risen exponentially influencing it to far from everyday citizens. This is the place AIO (All in One) has turned out with splendid arrangement whereby anybody can get advantage of this exponential development of digital money advertise inside their scope. 

AIO (All In One) as the name itself suggest that this is a “All In One”, instead of you buying different Tokens & Coins you can buy only one token which will have price effect of all top traded high demand coins. AIO is creating pool of assets through Initial Coin Offering ICO which will hold these assets and the estimation of these assets should be doled out to all Tokens issued.


Whole procedure of ICO and later the reserve property might dependably stay open through their official site; anybody and everybody can confirm the organization possessions and net resource esteem progressively through the wallet address. 

This is first of its kind idea since beginning of digital currencies have propelled exchanging through trades. AIO will be a first advanced resource having a genuine esteem upheld by real digital money resources with constant value impact to every token holder. AIO will have double value impact as it will be restricted in number. AIO cost will rely upon Demand and Supply and in addition Actual reserve estimation of property. 

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