A painting that put together many paintings - Thinking about the next ones

5Y Ago

I posted alredy some pictures about this large painting I did 3 years ago. "A changing civilization" is the title I mostly used for it. I did it trying to put together various scenes and creating an image that could summarize the single scenes in itself and resulting in another scene and another meaning - a larger meaning.

It was a very ambitious work. And of course it didn't meet the expectations. But sometimes this challenges have to be accepted.

Doing this large painting (its size is cm 260x160 - 8 ft 3"x 5 ft 3") was very useful for me. I did other large paintings after that one. But expecially it was useful facing the challenge to create a composite image representing a large concept and a whole phenomenon in a moment of history. Too ambitious to be fulfilled, as I said, but surely deserving a try.

A video of the making of that painting.

I'm going to create some large paintings like that for my next exhibition. Not only large, but paintings that also try to create a meaning from a composition of many different subjects and scenes. 

I'm ready to lose those challenges too ;)