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A Moment Of Admiration And Respect To This Man !

After graduating from university, he applied for immigration to America but was rejected 16 times!

He applied to American universities, including Harvard, 30 times but was also rejected until he went bankrupt.

Kentucky Company announced Job applications as a cleaner.30 people had applied including him. 29 were accepted and he was the only one rejected.

In the end, he introduced himself to the police as a volunteer with him 14 peoples.All of them were accepted and he was the only one who got rejected.He was in a total bankruptcy and absolute despair .. And suddenly he came with a crazy idea! compete with Amazon and eBay !! 

People thought he was so desperate that he reached madness.

He started his project with a small budget and borrowed 50% of them from his wife.

He created the website and named it Alibaba !!

Today, 11 years later, Alibaba was the largest market on the Internet with a capital of about $ 29 billion !!

Harvard University awarded him an honorary doctorate although she had previously rejected it.

Who is this guy? His name is Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group and he is a fucking legend.

The first time I heard his story, I came in tears.I don't know why i don't know how but it was just it.Maybe because of all my life, I wanted to succeed so hard and this guy gave me hope.

I learned various lessons from his:

1.Be courageous: 

"I was never afraid of opponents who were bigger than I," he recalls in "Alibaba," a book by Liu Shiying and Martha Avery.Ma was stubborn and often got into fights with classmates.Courage is a great quality and we need to acquire it sooner or later if we want to be successful in a cruel world, Remember that!

2.Take chances in your youth:

You have definitely wasted the opportunities of youth if you are not rich in your thirties.Take risks in these young years because you still have energy and imaginati...

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