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A Lovecraftian Comic Book I'm Writing

The splash page is starting to come together nicely. This story takes place in the fall so I'm hoping for some very bright colors here in the near future. The city of Ithaca is surrounded by a number of mountains and valleys covered in trees. This was something I always liked about the area, it felt hidden and protected.

The reasons why I love Ithaca however, are also the exact same reasons why H.P. Lovecraft would have hated it. He was especially afraid of New England type environments, trees, winding roads, and small towns all scared the shit out of him. He was also known to be both claustrophobic, and agoraphobic, meaning he must have been uncomfortable in just about any setting that wasn't a well organized room.

It's been fun and interesting, casting a city that I love, as a hotbed of horror and supernatural activity. I've had to write about things that normally comfort me in such a way as to inspire dread in others.

I also just started watching Twin Peaks last night, and I can't help but feel that this image is exactly like the intro to that series as well. Let the record state though, that I did not copy them, I wrote this months before watching haha.

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