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5 Ways To Improve Your Public Speaking!

Public speaking is a skill you need to acquire at some point in your life.But the truth is many people are afraid to even stand up in front of a crowd.Life coaches and professionals trainers have different techniques that helped thousands of people around the world to become better.Did you know that most powerful modern figures have coaches? That's because they know the importance of the image given to the crowd.

1.Nervousness Is Normal:

That's the first and most important tip.'Don't be nervous', They say.'It's all about confidence, Blah Blah blah '.The truth is most of the time we cannot control ourselves.Therefore is better to accept the fact that you are nervous than fighting it back.Confidence comes with practice and experience and as you become more confident, you will become less nervous.The best thing you can do is to practice your speech several times until you perfect it.It's a one-way road!


A great way to gain audience trust.In every good speech, there's always a moment of warmth where the speaker shares something personal about him.This creates a strong bond between the speaker and the audience.It doesn't need to be too personal or too good, Just stick with small stuff.Showing that you are vulnerable at something or you made a mistake is your best option and that's comforting to the audience because nobody is perfect.They need to see you one of them!

3.Use Humor and Tell Stories:

Inject a funny anecdote in your presentation, and you will certainly grab your audience’s attention.As I mentioned before, Audiences generally like a personal touch in a speech. A funny story can provide that.You don't even need to be a funny person, just know one good story and stick to it.

4.Talking fast/slow High/low:

If you want to get the crowd excited talk fast and raise your tone of voice gradually.If you want them to sympathize with you, speak slowly and lower your tone gradually as long as you are understandab...

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