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5 Deadly mistakes to avoid if you want to be a charmer each time you make a conversation...

As humans, we need communication to survive.Being social creatures make it even more demanding.That's why learning about our mistakes is very crucial to avoid misunderstandings, conflicts or delivering the wrong message.I wasn't really good at making small talk with people at the time until I discover different bad patterns affecting conversation skills.


One big mistake! Everyone wants to talk about themselves, their lives, their experiences.This creates an urge to share your opinions and thoughts now before ever, therefore, you find yourself interrupting.You need to respect others when they talk until it's your turn, Remember this is a two-sided game !.Interrupting someone before they're finished speaking is a sign of disrespect you can show in a conversation. It proves that you aren't listening and that you care more about what you're saying that what the other person is saying.

2.Lacking confidence:

Another big mistake! If you don't feel confident or comfortable at the moment, be quiet.You don't want to expose your weakness to others.Imagine confidence as a big magnet that attracts people when it's present and repels them when it' absent.Signs of low confidence in conversation are Low voice, weak body language, weak eye contact, shaky hands etc... If you notice these signs, pull back until you regain your confidence.After all who's perfect?

3.Kill vs Kiss:

I always talk about this principle in my articles because it's very important.A kiss means keeping it short and simple and a kill means keeping it long and lengthy.Salesmen use it all time to increase their success rates.Who wants a long and complex discussion? This is very annoying and we will probably miss the important things in the message.The most powerful actions are the simplest.The next time you want to talk about the subject, talk about the important facts and keep it as simple as possible. 

4.Emotionally overreacting:

Don't be over-sens...

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