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120 STEEM ~ Graphics Design Contest: Kind Ads — Steemit

Welcome to the Sponsored @MediaWorks Graphics Contest! Status: OPEN.

Start Time: ~8 AM ET, Friday End Time: ~8 AM ET, Tuesday

Kind Ads is sponsoring a graphics design contest here on Steemit!

Prizes: 95 STEEM + 25 Bonuses 1st Place: 20 STEEM 2nd Place: 15 STEEM 3rd Place: 12 STEEM 4th Place: 11 STEEM 5th Place: 9 STEEM 6th Place: 8 STEEM 7th Place: 7 STEEM 8th Place: 5 STEEM 9th Place: 4 STEEM 10th Place: 4 STEEM 11th - 35th: 1 STEEM Bonus Deadline: 96 Hours

Kind Ads is running a Sponsored OriginalWorks Contest. They would also love to see the artistic talent of this community.

Kind Ads is a decentralized ad platform. Kind Ads is a marketing solution that aims to decentralize advertising and put power back in the hands of publishers, advertisers and users.

With online advertising being dominated by a few large players, publishers and advertisers alike work with companies such as Facebook and Google in order meet their marketing needs. This leads to a poorly distributed market where these same large players can set prices and conditions.

As a result, companies who want to advertise often blindly sink their money into ineffective advertising, while publishers advertise content that does not appeal to their user base.

The Kind Ads platform runs on Kind Ads (KIND) tokens.

Users can earn Kind Ads (KIND) tokens for agreeing to view ads, publishers can earn them for publishing and advertising parties can purchase them to purchase advertisement services.

One of the key features that are missing in modern day marketing platforms is control.

Kind Ads has several functions that give users, publishers and advertisers control.


Users can choose to opt-out of advertisement. This will also mean that they will not earn KIND tokens. Alternatively, users can provide their profile and they will receive targeted ads as well as earn KIND tokens.


Publishers kno...

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