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The Wrongful Imprisonment of Ross Ulbricht Sheds Light On The Utmost Hypocrisy of Our Government and Legal System

Ross brainstormed and developed the Silk Road Marketplace in the late 2000s, and he launched the platform in 2011. The Silk Road was intended to be a decentralized barter site in which people were able to attain illegal paraphernalia such as schedule 1 drugs, and really anything banned by the Federal government.

The rumors of child pornography and the ability to order a hit on someone really brough the Silk Road down, and it created pre-emptive strikes by the FBI in order to target Silk Road administrators, and tear the down the platform altogether. The thing with Silk Road is its influence on bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general... Ulbricht was one of the first mainstream figures who acted as proponent to bitcoin, and to decentralized platforms in general.

Ulbricht is in the 5th year of his double life sentence +40 years without parole, and his imprisonment is based wholly on two singular accusations which in essence brought the platform down altogether. Ulbricht was accused of breaking his initial 'code' in which the Silk Road did not allow the barter of anything harmful to someone else (child pornography, murder, weapons). The accusation of both child pornography and the ability to hire a hitman seemed all too put together by the FBI in their utmost goal of shutting down the perennial 'drug site'... truth be told I believe Ulbricht did nothing but allow the barter of drugs and the FBI didn't like that.

It am truly disugsted at the justice system in this regard, and their blatant willingness to imprison a man for life to prove a point to 'law breakers' everywhere. The law is so skewed, whatever happened to transcendal idealism in which people can just live as they are, and gain the knowledge they seek through senses... not deduction.

There are too many barriers in this world, and although the Silk Road may have been an extremist platform, it was the first step in showing that we don't have to be governed by auth...

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