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My road to 1 FREE Bitcoin

This is a weekly post I will be making every Sunday about my journey to get 1 Bitcoin only from free sources (All sources will be listed at the bottom of the post). I will not invest anything other than my time on this quest! I've started a neat excel sheet to keep track of all my earnings so I can provide you with exact results.

I am doing this to prove to everyone that you don't need to spend money to make money. Our time has real value and if you use it wisely you can make money with it. I hope to inspire people to join me and show them it is possible to make money online! Feel free to give feedback or ask anything you might need help with.

Week 3 - (18 March - 24 March): Objectives from last week: ❌ Make at least 0.0025 Btc; ✔️(103/90) Referrals on; ✔️Making my "Road to..." posts more organized and appealing (Right? Last week).

Well the first objective was completely insane, I was counting on the price of bitcoin to keep coming down and the opposite happened. Since the amount I earned has a negative correlation with the price of bitcoin that made me earn way less Bitcoin than expected). Very happy that I COMPLETELY SMASHED my second objective, and I'm also very proud of the new look of my "Road to..." post.

Actual results (24 March 2018): Total amount: 0.01165 ($101); This week earnings 0.000430 (3.7$); Total Referrals: 103 (23 more than last week). Objective for next week: Make at least 0.0005 Btc; Get to 120 referrals; Post at least 5 times on Steemit. Shared with my referrals:

Every week I share a % of my earnings with my active referrals (I set the website to auto share every Sunday), last week my total amount shared was at 1106 and now it is 2189 Satoshis (+1083 Shared this week).

My current earning methods:

I only list in here the websites that I've been payed from before, I do not recommend any website without having any kind of payment proof! (I'm testing some ones to add to t...

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